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Thursday, March 02, 2017

This week on Tinder...

Spring is on the way and this week on Tinder the men are awakening, tales of dating, relationships and online dating, Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger

In case you aren't one of those ardent calendar page flippers like me, It's March people, the spring is going to be with us in 19 days, well unless you are a weatherman in which case you're already dancing amongst the daffodils because it's the start of meteorological spring today, whichever one you prefer to celebrate, one thing we can all be grateful for are the longer days, increased light levels and the sight of flowers growing on grassy banks. 

This week there have been the first signs of the rise of my business (thank God, the heavens and the universe) we really are all waking up again after the long winter slumber and that makes me happy, for spring, as I have probably already mentioned is quite my favourite season, I get bouncy and happy as the sunshine hits my face and I have an increased zest for life.  I return I suppose to my normal self instead of the woman with SAD who lives like an angry bear who's been woken up from hibernation too early!
Spring is on the way in Heaton Park, Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger, this week on Tinder, life, love, dating, relationships

This week on Tinder, well I've matched with more men than I've had conversations with, I did have a message from someone who was 150 miles away last night which said "Mmm, yeah, yummy" well, Mr Longdistance, what in the hell do you expect me to do with that information?  Actually, don't answer that, I think we all know the answer of how I was supposed to reply, I didn't though, I'd rather keep my dignity thanks!  The there was the young (33) engineer who's only a few km away from me but I just found myself lacking the enthusiasm to get excited about him, he was kind of hot, good job, not far away but I don't know, just no real gumption maybe?

Our final fine example of the male sex I'm still actually chatting too, he's a beagle daddy and that got him 10 bonus points and he's 37 and currently on his way home from Macchu Pichu, I did ask him why he was on Tinder whilst holidaying in Peru but we all know the answer, it's because men are strange and I'm guessing he's planning his next move, sort of holiday done, time to start dating maybe?  Anyway, I'll have to see what happens but for once I haven't resigned him to the man bin just yet, his beagle is really super cute and I'm sure Holly Bobbins would love some male beagle company.

Oh, something I forgot to mention, this month I'm going to be writing for Huff Post once a week, the truth is that I can write as often as I like but I have issues in that when you are writing for Huff Post you want it to be the very very best that you can do, sort of less rambling than my own blog so I tend to only write when inspiration strikes but I've decided that I'll never increase my readership on there until I write more often so that's the plan.  You know what's weird, though?  Writing for a huge publication where anyone can comment introduces you to the general public and their interesting points of view, let's just say I've had my eyes opened!

This weekend I have a review on Friday, I'm going to review G4 in concert, G4, yes, remember them, runners up on the first XFactor, I loved then and I'm sure I'm going to love them now!  Other than that and apart from a photo shoot with a lovely family on Sunday I'm just writing, writing and writing some more, this is the year when success is going to be mine, I have the excited feelings in my tummy that great things are coming, both professionally and personally, one thing I know, I'm starting to feel stronger and better than I was last month when I had a breakdown and today as I flipped the day on my bedside calendar was a poignant quote from John Milton himself...

"What doesn't not destroy me, makes me strong"

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