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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Most Wonderful Weekend

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It's certainly a sign of the times that I'm blogging less and getting outdoors much more often, it must be spring!  Seriously, though, the weather is better, work is better, and my girls love me again!

It's been the most wonderful of weekends, I was supposed to be in London but stayed in Newcastle to work for a charity photographing some disabled children with their parents at the Seven Stories, a much better use of my time and talents.  What a wonderful fulfilling day, I do love my job!

Saturday night just as I was about to go in the bath, Abigail messaged to say "Be ready in 10 minutes, I'm taking you out!"  so I sprinted back into my jeans, both girls arrived carrying glorious bunches of flowers and then Looby went off again as she always does so she can go riding on a Sunday but Abigail took me off to a fair trade chocolate tasting evening at one of our local churches, a lovely surprise, and a great Mother's Day gift.

Sunday dawned and Abigail walked down to the quayside market, we ambled along the pretty stalls in the glorious sunshine until we ended up at the Great British Cupcakery, Abigail had been long admiring their freak shakes since Looby posted a Snapchat of one she'd had in the February half term, suffice to say Abigail ended up being a very happy teenager as we made our way up the steep bank towards the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast.

Can I just say that Beauty and the Beast is, in my humble opinion, one of the best movies I have ever seen, it's beautiful, it's magical, it's sad, it's happy, it's heartwarming and most of all, it makes you believe in the power of true love, you know we can all do with that reminder every once in a while, especially when life and love isn't so straightforward.  I've always believed that true love has the power to change lives, true love can heal even the deepest wounds, I guess it's why we spend our whole lives searching it out.  My true love might be currently beagle-shaped but it's enough for me.

Last night Looby arrived home (to stay, yay) carrying all manner of stationary gifts for me to put on my desk, such a lovely thought, my favourite present, though?  A small sign which says "Crazy doesn't run in our family, it sprints!"  It made me laugh out loud and it's scarily true, especially in my case.

Looby also wrote in her Mother's Day card "Thanks for taking the last 2 weeks so seriously", clearly it's the desk, I've become some kind of crazed businesswoman on a mission, I think I always was, I think that winter and S.A.D. gets in the way of that every year sadly but for now it's spring, the days are longer, the nights are shorter and there's sunshine in my heart again.

As Anne Bronte said "A light wind swept over the corn and all nature laughed in the sunshine"

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