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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Holly Bobbins on Her Travels

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Shock update, I love my dog, I know, you didn't realise, right?  When I adopted Holly I was in such a dark place and she mended my broken heart and has brought me so much joy over the last couple of years.  She loves meeting clients and coming on adventures with me and I love when I can get away to dog-friendly hotels and cottages.  This year I've decided to take even more photos of her when we're out and about in different places, now there's a problem here because Holly hates having her photo taken, but I have a secret weapon, much like most of the kids I photograph Holly is quite easily bribed with goodies and treats.

No Bones, a wonderful north east company sent me a gorgeous selection of treats for my four-pawed best friend and so I think she's going to be a very happy beagle over the coming weeks with all of her special Easter treats, they specialise in quality canine confectionary and Holly Bobbins has a definite soft spot for all of the lovely tasty sweeties they sent for her, isn't it wonderful that you can get your dog an easter egg or some pretty little easter nests, I mean it's unlikely she'll realise the meaning of easter but at least she's not going to feel left out when her human brother and sisters are chomping on their chocolate confections.
No Bones, quality canine confectionary, dog friendly shopping in north east england, mandy charlton and Holly bobbins

Last week with spring fast approaching we had a couple of great days out, first we went to Sycamore Gap and climbed up and down big hills to get to the tree made famous by Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, Holly particularly loved Sycamore Gap because she loves getting muddy paws, so much so that she needed a bath when she got home.

Our second visit of the week was to York, it was a day when I needed to get away, just for a while and there's no better place to visit than my happy place York, it's a fabulous dog friendly city and we enjoyed big walkies around the city, down by the river and we even popped into the Star Inn for some very tasty lunch.  Holly was in her element when she got some off lead time afterwards too, she really is the happiest beagle in the world and I can't imagine life without my furry friend.  This week we're going to Embleton, again I needed to get away so I've been accruing Airbnb credit for a couple of years which needed using so just she and I are going to wander down by the beach and amble in the pretty little Northumbrian village which will hopefully inspire me for the spring and summer in my writing and photography.

I know one thing, whatever the rest of the year brings, you can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more photos of Holly on her travels.

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