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Friday, March 03, 2017

10 things a man should never do on a first date

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I have conversed with my panel/squad, think, the ladies of Sex and The City but more glamorous and slightly more northern, we've all been on some great first dates and some disastrous ones, here from the hive mind of lovely ladies I am surrounded by in my life are 10 things you men should not to on a first date.

  1.  Please don't just leave 10 minutes after you arrive with no real explanation! It's just rude!
  2. Try and ask questions about your date and don't just talk about yourself. And don't let your date rabbit on about herself. It's about getting to know each other, not an audition for a one person show!!
  3.  If you're still in love with your ex and have no intention of moving on, don't go on the First date. It's not nice to get someone's hopes up just to make them feel sad
  4. Also, don't expect sexy time on a first date. Don't even expect a snog! If it happens naturally then great, but don't speed through the date hoping to get down to business!! Take time to find out if you actually like each other first. If you do and sexy time happens, then it's a bonus!
  5.  Don't make your opening remark "you're bigger than I expected from the pictures" or show your disdain or dislike for something someone says or the way they look by your facial gestures. Remember a picture paints a thousand words and your face can say it all! It's not good for a woman's self-esteem!
  6. One thing not to do on a date, talk about the massive spot on your neck and how you want to squeeze it! 
  7. I hate it when men expect too much on a first date. I like to keep it chilled and casual. Coffee dates are seriously underrated (and easy to get out of).
  8. I don't want to get plastered on a first date or sit down for a huge meal because it can be awkward if you don't get on. Something overly fun like bowling or ice skating can be awkward too, I like to keep it casual.
  9. I don't think men should pump on a first date, that's 3rd date material, do it too soon and it's gross, leave it too long and it's just awkward
  10. Don't wear rubbish shoes, always remember what your granny used to say "The shoes maketh the man"
I should state that it took approximately 10 minutes of crowdsourcing to come up with this list and in truth, I reckon with a good half hour we could have come up with at least 50 things.  I'll be writing an article concerning women's bad behaviour on dates soon so don't worry men, you'll have your say soon too, in fact, if you want to leave me a comment of the worst things to happen on a first date you know where to leave it.

With thanks to my fabulous friends Katie, Pixie, Li, Laura and Harriet who were only too delighted to share their dating no no's 


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