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Friday, March 31, 2017

Become a small scale philanthropist and make life better today!

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Every day I hear someone say that life is hard and I wonder who first said this, why did they say it? The truth is, I think that life is only as hard as you make it and I for one am as guilty of over complicating my life in so very many ways and once that train has left the station, well it just ends up spiralling.

Recently when I had my epiphany, walking with my dog in the Northumbrian countryside I made a vow that I would re-embrace my positivity, start throwing love at everything and one month on, I am happier, my life is more positive and my business is more prosperous than ever before, I am focusing only on happy things, and on helping people as much as I possibly can.

I always wanted and still do, to one day become a great philanthropist but you know even on a smaller level we can practice philanthropy, we can help people with the knowledge we've gained and we can use our talents to enhance the lives of others.

We can give charitably albeit in smaller ways and we can practice random acts of kindness.  With each and every aspect of small-scale philanthropy what you notice is just how much better life gets, I can't even begin to tell you how much happier and better my life is than it was a month ago.  One thing has also become blatantly apparent to me, I have stopped craving to find someone to love me, I am so busy fulfilling my own life and that of others that I have removed the neediness I was exhibiting.  Now whilst I can't promise that I won't suffer from the occasional pangs of abject loneliness I do think I have found the answer.  

I'm 43 now and I know that one day I'll meet someone and we'll have movie love but the universe will decide when that's right and that's all I need, I just need the belief and I also need the knowledge that I'm so happy on my own surrounded by friends and my darling teens that I don't have to desperately seek the company of someone who I might settle for and we all know what happens when you settle, that never ends well does it?

So if you are currently lost and feel alone, try to remember that you are loved by many, that you have friends and children who love you, try to focus on the good things in life, try to even focus on one good thing and with every positive thought you have you are stopping a negative thought from entering your head, we can't feel sorrow and happiness at the same time and for a good day, a positive day you only need to have 51% positivity.  You'll get there and you'll win and then we can all practice small-scale
philanthropy together because when we do good things, amazing things happen.

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