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Friday, March 10, 2017

Nethermined 3 - Another Fabulous Minecraft Convention

 looby at nethermined 3, newcastle upon tyne, minecraft convention, february 2016

Looby has long been a fan of Minecraft and the very first Minecraft convention she ever went to was Nethermined, she got a press pass and I got to be mum of the year for approximately 10 minutes, the second year we couldn't go because Looby was so very poorly in hospital but this year, we were back to a better and bigger than ever Nethermined and oh what fun she had, whilst I got to be photographer extraordinaire Looby and her lovely friend got to live the high life with VIP passes meaning they got to go in and meet their favourite Minecraft YouTubers for an hour before the general public were admitted.

Nethermined with Youtube star, minecraft convention in north east england, feb 2017

Looby and Gabby had the most wonderful day, they met Youtubers, they learnt how to build roller coasters in the educational workshops, they had their faces painted, they shopped and shopped and shopped some more and they came home carrying the largest bag of merchandise and gifts I've ever seen.

Whilst parents might not necessarily get it, the tweens and tween generation definitely do and I think it's been amazing to watch Nethermined grow as a Minecraft convention year on year, I hope that we always have Nethermined in our region, as a parent it's so expensive to plan to go to conventions in London when you factor in the travel and accommodation.  The unique and most wonderful thing for the kids about having a convention based in the North East is that their favourite stars are right there, for just a few pounds the kids got to meet their YouTube idols and lets not forget just how big these gamers are, one guy had over 750,000 subscribers, when you take into account that I probably have about 400 regular readers who read every single day I have a long way to go before I reach that kind of level!

I still actually know very little about Minecraft but I know just how much Looby loves it and at the end of the day that's quite enough for me to go along and sit through panels and live game playing, Looby and Gabby were so happy that day, they were in their element doing things which they love with people who understand them, I guess as a mum we owe it to our kids to sometimes do things we don't understand and sit through chats about things we're never likely to understand.  All credit to those parents who get Minecraft, I salute you!!


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