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Thursday, November 03, 2016

That Dating Profile Article, What Happened Next?

further tales of dating in your forties by Mandy Charlton, Photographer, writer, blogger

Thursday and another chance for me to sit down and spill the inner contents of my brain to anyone who'll read them.  It's been around a week since I posted my dating profile on my blog so I thought it might be a good time for an update and given that my morning has so far been a migraine, migraine injection, huge headache, migraine, migraine injection, well it's about as much as I'm capable of right now.

So, posting my dating profile on my blog was a huge deal for me and if I' honest I didn't have a massive expectation that it would work, if you split 30,000 into 30 days it's only around 1000 readers a day and some of them come in from Google so there are probably only around 600 who read my blog regularly but putting it out there was worth the chance.

I did have a couple of people get in touch, none who were really serious though for various factors but I had some really nice messages which made me smile.  

There was, however, one really interesting comment, a lovely blogger pointed a cute single dad blogger my way and he's just lovely, practically perfect, likes cake, sci-fi, and musicals (that is the killer combination) so far away he's nearly in France but what's a little distance? I never expected that I would find someone who was just around the corner.  Nothing may come of it but, well you just never know do you?  The great thing about writers is that we share our lives and our stories so I think that makes us easier to get to know! 

Meanwhile, from the dating site I'm on, this week has offered about 30 men wanting to meet me, 95% of which have no hair and try to communicate in various forms of text-speak or shorthand and that's just no good for me, I like erudite, I like smart, I like fully formed sentences, even on Twitter with a 140 character cap I still manage to write in sentences, it's not that hard!

I don't for one moment expect to find every wish on my list and I know I'm not perfect, far from it but the love of sci-fi and superheroes is a big thing for me, if we can't sit and watch The Flash, Supergirl or the latest Marvel movie together then it's just not going to work and whilst I realise that most men just don't get musicals they are a big thing for me so you're going to have to at least tolerate the fact that I want to gallop through my life singing rather than wander through it silently.

I did speak to someone this week who liked sci-fi, superheroes and then he told me that he'd just had his plaster cast off his leg, I asked how he'd broken it and he said "kicking homeless people" I kid you not, I couldn't block him quickly enough, I realise he probably thought that was a hilarious joke but he could have actually said something funny like he was entering the one legged extreme ironing board championships...

I think having Reiki this week calmed my soul a little thankfully and so I'm ok with just sitting and waiting and not worrying about being on my own for a while.  I think in all honesty the coming of Christmas doesn't help when you are single, it will be my 3rd Christmas alone and not having family other than the kids does make me crave for someone to share my life with, I'm sure that's how all single people feel in the run up to the festive season, I guess I just want someone to share the magic with, life is better when you are a happy couple and that loneliness in my heart isn't going away but like Gary Barlow keeps telling me, I need to have a little patience...

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