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Friday, November 11, 2016

Urban Decay Newcastle Event with Ellefluence and The Rub

I'm the first to admit that I've come into the heady world of beauty and makeup later in life so when I was invited to an Urban Decay event at Debenhams, Newcastle, I had to say yes, the fact that it was being organised by lovely Laura from Ellefluence and Elle Blonde meant I knew it would be a fabulous event!

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The event took place early evening in the comfortable surroundings of the Debenhams cafe with a smorgasbord of the most delicious smokehouse foodie treats provided by Newcastle's most divine meaty restaurant, The Rub, if you are a fan of meat like I am then you must pay them a visit, my only problem is never having a big enough appetite to squeeze all of it in my tummy!

Urban Decay is a brand for everyone, up until the event I had foolishly believed it was just for the younger ladies amongst us but I couldn't have been more wrong, they even have their own anti-ageing makeup line which I've since tried and now adore, they do an anti-ageing eyeshadow primer which we were gloriously treated to in the most amazing goody bags and I can tell you that it really does make your eyes look younger, more sparkly and in the last week when so many people have commented that I'm looking younger and more glowy, well I can tell you that it's mostly down to just picking up makeup tricks.

Now I might have been the oldest blogger to attend the event but I certainly didn't feel like I wasn't just as welcome as the millennial beauty queen bloggers who were also in attendance, gorgeous Katie Meehan finally let me take her photo and you know what I love, Katie is 21 and I'm 42 and yet I adore her, we have a lovely friendship and we're planning to collaborate on some exciting stuff very soon.

Katie Meehan, Beauty blogger by Mandy Charlton at Urban Decay Event, Debenhams

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I'm really lucky in the people that I have met through blogging, other favourite ladies include Laura of course who's smile and positive attitude just makes her adorable, Pixie who is just the smartest, gorgeous mamma with a style I would love to embrace and Ashleigh who is pretty much an all round smart, successful amazing lady and all of them were there at the event which made it an even better experience in my opinion.
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After some makeup demonstrations we hurriedly slid down the escalators and onto the shop floor, it was shopping time and like kids in candy stores we all snaffled our favourite products safe in the knowledge that we actually know what to do with them now when we got them home, (that may have been just me, everyone else is way better at beauty).  As we scrambled for our homes in cars and taxi's laden with bags full of pretty lipsticks and pallets of the most beautiful eyeshadows I knew exactly what I would be requesting from Father Christmas this year, Urban Decay makeup, and lots of it!
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