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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mod Pizza at the Gateshead Metrocentre is Open!

I love a restaurant opening, mostly because I love food and I love the North East so the arrival of Mod Pizza in the Metrocentre was a very exciting affair  and I always love being invited down to be one of the first to sample the tasty treats.  Now I wouldn't call myself a massive pizza fan in fact I rarely eat it but if I'm going to then it has to be the thinnest crust ever and that's what you get at Mod Pizza, crispy, tasty hand stretched Italian thin crust and you know the best bit?  You can have whatever toppings you want and I mean whatever toppings.  The only fixed thing you have is a base (obviously, or where would you put all of the fillings?) and then everything else is yours for the choosing.

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So, if you don't want a sauce on your base then don't have one, if you are a purist like me try something like feta, rocket, mushrooms and mozzarella, totally scrumptious and I managed an 11 inch pizza without any problem at all, they do a mini one which has a smaller base but hey, lets not talk tiny pizza, just get the 11 inch or if you are feeling particularly hungry they do a belly busting stacked pizza which has not one but two 11 inch bases on top of one another, can you imagine how many toppings you could get on there?

Whilst I was there I noted that there were two types of pizza eater, ones who like me went for staple favourites, the purists as I like to call them and then the ones who decided to just have every topping known to man on one pizza and that's fine, if that's your thing, go ahead, Mod Pizza certainly won't mind!!

You know what I really love, though, you can take your pizza away or  you can sit in and it's good food, they do salads as sides not chips, yes I know, something of a culture shock for some Geordies but really, who needs chips with a huge pizza, not me certainly, I don't even think I could have eaten a salad on the side if I'd tried!

To sum up I would say that Mod Pizza's arrival in the North is not only welcome but something to be celebrated, my next challenge is to go again with fussy Looby who normally doesn't like Pizza and Veggie Abigail, I know they cater for both vegetarians and vegans and I would love to see them turn Looby's head towards good pizza just as they did mine.

One thing, though, when I next go, even though I could choose from the myriad of tasty toppings you can bet that I'll be having feta, rocket and mushrooms, I just don't do pizzas with meat on them!

I want to say thanks to Mod Pizza for inviting me down, stuffing me with Pizza and generally being lovely amidst the buzz and hullabaloo of a new restaurant opening in exchange for me writing this small article.

I will be back Mod Pizza and next time, I am bringing my teenagers, be scared, be very scared!

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