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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love and Be Loved In Return

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, musings on love by mandy charlton

This week I have done a lot of soul-searching, I've watched many TED talks, I've tried to inspire my mind as much as my heart.  I've always had a goal in my mind to one day be someone worthy of giving a TED talk although still as yet I am without the inspiration to come up with the subject that I would actually speak about, it's definitely on my list of life goals, though.

This week I have finally gotten closure, seeing someone you used to love and knowing that you are ok with everything, more than that really, that you have moved on and like the song now they're just somebody that you used to know, what's even funnier is how your brain plays tricks on you when you are in love, suddenly that person who seemed taller and athletic in your mind is revealed to you as actually being quite short, ageing fast and more rotund than you can ever remember, without the chemical effects of love in our hearts and in our brains the true identity is revealing, to say the least.

My favourite quote in the whole entire cosmos is "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"  It may just originate as a lyric in a song but it is the highest truth I've ever known.

Let's take that quote and let us look at it as part of our own fundamental philosophy, we must first love to be loved, we must love not only ourselves but we must love strong and hard and we must love not only our children, our families, our friends, we must love the world and try to do good every day, I cannot lie and say that I truly love everyone, I am working on it though, it's just harder with some people than it is with others.

Other than the one or two people I have to work on my feelings towards though I would say I'm closer to I have ever been to loving and being loved, maybe not on my own personal level and not in a relationship or dating way but just in a general love of humanity and of my children, my friends and the general population of the people I have around me both online and in my day to day life.

We are all on a journey, we're all trying to figure out life, it's meaning and we're all searching for our twin flame, our other half, our soulmate but I think we can open ourselves up to that if we try, love is one of the highest energies that exists, it has a power, it has it's own vibration so the more love we put out there into the world the more likely we are to attract it back, I want you to go and read Lisa's blog, she wrote a post about kindness and talking today, it had a profound effect because it's something I feel passionately about and this evening as I watched Moulin Rouge for approximately the 4000th time I felt compelled to open up the Macbook once again and write, 3 posts in 1 day is not bad at all!!

So here's what we need to do and it really isn't all that complicated, let's all get up each day and think about the people we love, let's think, "how can I make the world better today, how can I put out more love into the world?"  I think in no time at all what will happen is that we'll bring so much love back in that we'll be able to create a whole new world around us.

Have a great weekend everyone, go out there and be with the ones you love and love the ones you are with.

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