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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Thursday Ten....

Ten random bits of info from life, business and all that today....

1. I made a bride cry yesterday, don't worry too much though it was Kerry who had come to view her wedding photographs after returning from honeymoon in Egypt. She was overwhelmed and I kind of have to admit it made me cry too. I'm so delighted that they love their photos and it's great to know you've done a good job, not hard though when you've as much passion as I have as well as having such amazing wonderful and lovely clients!

2. I just heard that Patrick Swayze has cancer, oh my such awful sad news, i know he isn't a reader of my blog (well not that i know of) but I'm sending positive thoughts his way, he's the first guy I ever had a serious crush on and what he could do with those hips in Dirty Dancing... I really hope he can beat it.

3. Just received the new Take That in Concert DVD, busy watching it at the moment, Hello Boys :D

4. We went to school this morning to see Abigails class assembly, it was all about the victorians and I enjoyed watching Abigail using a mangle.

5. I have portrait photography sessions booked in for dates up until the middle of June, if you want to book one please don't wait around too long or you may have a very long wait, you can call me to book on the number above or you can click through to my website.

6. Did you know that I own a craft forum? lots of fun things going on over there at the moment, check us out at Craft.

7. I've just bought a book called "The Secret" I know it's been around for ages but I'm looking forward to reading it, it's about changing your life through the power of positive thought, something I am already trying to do on a daily basis, I look forward to seeing how this book enhances those thoughts, full book report when I'm done!

8. Having lots of fun running a photo scavenger hunt over on UKScrappers right now, 3 words once a week, why not come and join in and learn a little more about photography. I had the idea when I was joining in a photo scavenger hunt with some other incredibly talented wedding photographers over on DWF, if you're a photographer and weddings are your business you really should think about treating yourself to a Pro membership and if you're just starting out then why not join DWF start.

9. Have you added me to your Facebook yet? I love having lots of Facebook friends, come and join me on the greatest community on the internet.

10. Wedding season is approaching and I'm so excited for all my lovely brides and grooms, I'm having so much fun doing all your pre-wedding shoots, You know I love Love!!

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