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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Morning at The Seven Stories Centre for Childrens Books.

I decided to take the children out this morning to the Seven Stories, it's the centre for childrens books and only a 10 minute walk away in the Ouseburn Valley part of Newcastle upon tyne.

What a brilliant morning we had an I got a load of fabbo photos of my poppets and so of course, well I wouldn't be a photographer if I didn't share them!!

Abigail sitting in the window of the book den which had the most awesome natural light.

Iain was actually happy to pose for a couple of new portraits of him.

Looby as ever didn't want to pose but when she did she looked beautiful

Couldn't resist this one.

We went up to the seventh floor and it was dressing up aplenty and thats where I got these next shots which really all need to be put onto canvas!

Giving it some Attitude!

I think Abigail was actually being the king of something here.

and probably again here, she's really only happy when she's royalty

Probably the best bunny in the world ever!

We had such a great morning, it cost £15 for me and all 3 children and I would heartily recommend it to all!

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mandijane said...

The photo of Looby with the orange wig on just screams CANVAS...

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