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Monday, March 31, 2008

Howick Hall Gardens - Northumberland

We escaped for a day out yesterday and off we went up to one of the best coastal gardens in the country. I had recently seen Howick Hall on gardeners world and thought it was about time we visited, well one has to really since ones husband is a landscape gardener! (Meandering Gardens is currently taking the norths gardens by storm and transforming them beyond belief, you can contact Paul via the number on the banner!!)

So after that small marketing message for Paul (well he deserves a mention, he's working so hard) here's some photos from our day out.

So this is the view of Howick Hall as you approach, you can also visit the Earl Grey Tea Room with cake aplenty and a dolls house which the girls loved playing with.

This is the front of Howick Hall with Daffodil bank in the foreground.

A full frontal view!

Interesting pots with Acers in.

Counting rings on the tree which had just been forested.

Abigail was standing in front of the most amazing red rhodoedendron (sp?)

We went on a woodland walk where it was a little stormy

But we had fun, look at Paul here with a huge thorn on his nose, pretending to be a rhino!

Iain stopped for a portrait!

I also spent the day collecting photographs of textures to use in photographs and there were lots to collect. The hall has an old church on it's ground with some very very old gravestones indeed.

All in all we had a wonderful family day out and I'm so thankful that we get to do such great things together.


Shirley said...

Looks like you had a fun day and got some brilliant shots Mandy :)

mandijane said...

The pictures of Abigail are the colours that stand out in the photo...her blue coat against the red flowers....fantastic

Eleanor said...

Just catching up with you.
I've gone all nostalgic for rhino horns - didn't know anyone else did that.
(that little kitty should be Candy, she's so sweet)

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