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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anyone for Ice-cream?

No shooting today :( so I thought I would upload a couple of photos from this week that I hadn't put anywhere, this one a Homage to ice-cream!

and this one, well I kind of like it even though it's serious and she looks sad, she wasn't of course sad, Looby being Looby but I did tell her to stop smiling and this was what she managed, destined for great things I think.

Well after having my session postponed today it's left me twiddling my thumbs a little, what I have been thinking is that next weekend which is quite crazy I could possibly fit another couple of sessions in so if you're wanting some great photographs of your children or a fantastic family portrait and you can make it to Jesmond Dene on either Good Friday afternoon around 4pm, or Easter Saturday around 4pm then give me a call and true to my word I'll give you the session half price. Call it a special Easter Present from me, now I don't plan to give anymore half price sessions this year so call or miss out, possibly forever, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

If you want to book one of those two very special sessions you can either call me on either of the numbers on the header up top there or you can click through to my contact us page and let me know which session you want.

This special offer will not be repeated this year and it's only for those two sessions I've already mentioned and it must be at Jesmond Dene because I'm down there with my other photoshoots.

Good luck and I hope it's You!!

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mandijane said...

that's a great photo of Looby....

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