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Monday, March 10, 2008

On being happy and hopeful...

I'm most definetly feeling the effects of being happy, hopeful and thankful. I really love life at the moment, I love life, my husband, my family, my business and all my wonderful friends and clients, without you all I wouldn't be who I am!

Last night, or late afternoon rather, I looked out the window and saw perfect light, I quickly grabbed my camera and the girls and took a few photos, you can never have enough photos of your children IMHO. I absolutely loved this one!

Did you know that I have a wonderful new and improved website, so much thanks to my wonderful website providers and James! Go on what are you waiting for, check it out, it's delish, especially the galleries which now have big fat juicy photos!!

I need to redesign my blog so that it all fits together nicely, might get down to doing that after tea which tonight I think shall have a Mexican flavour. :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Wow mandy

Love the new website and the blog


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