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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photography Field Trip

Well being that I didn't get to shoot today and I didn't want to sit around twiddling my thumbs plus the fact that Paul wanted to watch the first Grand Prix of the season meant that I took the girls out this afternoon for a photography lesson.

I was armed with my 20D plus Sigma 50-150mm, Abigail was armed with my Holga and Looby had a polaroid camera!

We had a lot of fun modelling for each other and looby got some great shots, we'll have to wait to have Abigails film developed and I got some great shots of the both of them :-

On our way to practice photography!

We took turns to be the model.

Abigails face when I told her to relax her eyes.

Abigail is very good at posing when she wants to be!

Looby looking lovely!

Camera Faces!

LOve this one!

and this one.

What a great afternoon :)

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