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Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Haircuts and a Hat

So we all finally got haircuts or atleast I did and so did the girls. No photos of me as I'm chollopy and fat right now, trust me the quadruple chin isn't a good look!!

Girls and Daddy photos though....

Abigail looks very chic don't you think and much older than 5!

Looby just looks a total cutie!

Paul wore a hat!

This is my ultimate favourite photograph from yesterday, it's just gorgeous and I might have to get it on canvas.

If you want to get some gorgeous family photographs taken why not book yourself a photoshoot, either give me a call on the numbers above or click through to my website.

We're all off out for the day to York for Mothers Day, Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful mums everywhere :)

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mandijane said...

Great Haircuts.....

You make my day...head over to my blog to find out why.....

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