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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This, That, Mothers Day Photoshoots and Gift Vouchers

I've just realised that it's Mothers day on the 2nd of March which seems awfully early this year, with that in mind I have decided to extend my current offer for all family portrait photoshoots, yes you know the one where you quote my blog and get a 16x12 enlargement of your favourite image, you know thats worth nearly £30. Family portrait photography shoots last around an hour to an hour and a half, it's £50 so with that free enlargement you really are making quite a saving! Anyway I've been booking portrait photoshoots a little more consistently lately so if you want to give mum or granny a mothers day present she'll treasure forever then do call me quickly because there's a lot less time until Mothers day than I thought!! On the other hand why not get mum a gift voucher which she can use at any time in the next 12 months, you can buy any denomination you want and once again if you quote my blog I'll add in the cost of the 16x12 to your voucher, a present guaranteed to thrill mum for a lot longer than a bunch of flowers! I think grandmas especially love to see georgeous photographs of their grandchildren and you know how much I love childrens photoshoots, not that I'm biased but children don't seem to mind when I start moo-ing like a cow to get them to laugh and relax. I also like to give my little ones medals, bubbles and sweeties so it really does make the photoshoot into a memorable fun experience rather than a gruelling trip to see the photographer!

Onwards and I wanted to tell you all something which made my day, you know that I shot Stuart and Jaynes pre-wedding shoot on Friday, well I received a lovely email from Jayne saying how thrilled they were with the photos and that they never knew how great they could look. Well for me that is a job well done and if you want to the chance to capture your romance forever then why not book one of my Love Shoots, you don't have to be engaged but it does help if you're in Love, it's great chance for romance whether you've been married 10 years or you're still young and in love. more details are on my website. Ooh and if you want to book one of those and you mention my blog... oh yes once again I'll give you a 16x12 enlargement of your favorite image.

Well on a personal note, spring has arrived it would seem and all around the trees are just beginning to bud, the daffodils are springing up and the sun is once again in the sky, lets hope it stays around because next week is half term!

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