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Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's freezing this morning. Our central heating went off sometime yesterday and didn't come back on until Paul did some kind of magic to get it to work this morning. It's a funny thing though because I tried 5 minutes earlier and I couldn't get the darned thing to work at all!

It's -3c at the moment outside and feels somewhere near that indoors too! I'm noticing though that there's sunshine and blue skies and I'm wondering if the children will want to go out exploring once it gets warmer, there is after all a 6c high expected today!!

I love nothing more than a big walk around some of the fantastic scenery we live near, I did try to find some photos which I took down near the Ouseburn Valley but I must have mislaid them in my flickr account.

I did find though some old photos from last year that I wanted to revisit.

This one is just about to be published and very proud I am about that!
This one is Bamburgh Castle up in Northumberland, I would like to shoot a wedding there.

Ooh I found one, this one is from the Ouseburn Valley.

It's great to revisit past memories.

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mandijane said...

Where are you being published? That's very exciting....great pics....

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