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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Girls Today

We're stuck in the house today as the "Slapped Cheek" virus runs riot through the north east of England, half of Iains school has it but thankfully he had it a few years ago and is the only one not in quarantine.

Abigail is getting the rash on her cheeks so she should be fine to go to school tommorrow as she's not feeling ill and the incubation period passes as soon as the rash comes out. Looby though is still a little off colour so she'll probably be off school for another day or so.

Anyways as they crafted this morning I managed to get a couple of up to date shots of them


Doing that face that says "please don't take anymore photos mum"

Abigail, just being Abigail really!

Have a happy Tuesday everyone :)

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