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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Thursday Looby

Oh my is it really the 29th of February tommorrow? Don't forget if you propose the first person who gets engaged tommorrow and contacts me will get themselves a wonderful gift from me, i.e an engagement session, why not show the world your love?!

Looby hasn't been doing so well with her teeth lately, we have an appointment for the hospital because of a problem with her teeth and them decaying from the inside out, it's been causing her pain and today she couldn't face nursery, she did say though that she's still trying to be happy and hopeful, can't ask for much more than that really can you?!

So anyway we went to the local garden centre for lunch and I did manage to get a couple of shots of her.

With her daddy, quite possibly her favourite person in the whole world!

That cheesy grin!!

On the swings!

Aweeee she's edible isn't she?!

This one I took for a photo scavenger hunt on UKS can you see me?

OOh I must mention that my diary is filling fast with portrait sessions, specifically over Easter, I only have one session left on the weekend of the 12/13th of April unless I can squeeze in more sessions so if you're wanting to book your family photoshoots please click through to my website or give me a call, I'm have bookings from now through to the middle of June to be quick even if you want to book weeks or months in advance!

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