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Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Afternoon in Rothbury

So here we were thinking about what to do this afternoon:-

Well miss Abigail was by the looks of it.

Hmm Rothbury she thought....

and off we went!

The weather was beautiful, springlike and warm

Rothbury for anyone who doesn't know is nestled in the hills of Northumberland and it's one of my favorite villages to visit.

It's just so picturesque.

This is the first time I've caught Paul in the act of taking photos with his new cameraphone.

Abigail sprinting towards me because as per usual I've been lagging behind with that darn camera of mine!!

No matter how many people I pose, it's the family who never behave themselves!

Looby taken against a blue sky as she climbed on the climbing frame.

Iain who of course usually escapes the camera, not today though, mwahahahaha!

No one can resist a man in a hat!! He's just found out that his first full booked week of work this year has been postponed last minute (deep, unending joy ;) )

Time to go home....

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