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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love Facebook

Yes it's true, since I joined Facebook just before Christmas I've really come to love it, now I could write a really long descriptive blog about but rather than bore you to death I'll give you a list of the top ten reasons I love the biggest social networking site on the internet!

  1. I've met lots of new and interesting people through facebook, most of them I actually have something in common with!
  2. I've caught up with friends from many years ago.
  3. I keep in regular contact with other photographer friends
  4. Loads of my lovely clients are on Facebook and it's a great way of keeping them up to date with whats going on.
  5. I love Who has the biggest Brain, one of my favourite brain games
  6. Text Twist, I've just discovered, a great way to chill out with a simple word game
  7. I love super-poking, I especially love throwing sheep at people!
  8. I've just discovered a photography competition, great to keep me shooting on quieter days
  9. It's so easy to share photos and then tag the people in them so they can share them with all their Facebook Friends
  10. Instant Updates, I love that I can find out what friends are up to in real time.
So are you on Facebook, if you are why not add me as a friend! If you're not on Facebook yet, then why not?!

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Unknown said...

I love Facebook too! I'm currently addicted to the One Minute Mogul app. Their two games are really fun. I had super poke on my profile, but after a while, people stopped throwing sheep at me =[

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