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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Keep Positive

It's what I tell my children, just lately I've been saying it a lot as various things in life have not gone our way. There have been definite moments of despair like no heating or hot water for an entire week with the coldest overnight temperatures of the year. Or the fact that just got fixed and then the wind smashed all the glass in our front door! Well thats only the tip of the iceberg from last week, imagine all of January and most of February has mostly been like that but worse and you'll understand how one could feel despair at times. On the whole though I tell myself "Just keep positive" I say it to the children and then one day last week I said to Looby "do you know what being positive is?" She said to me in her very cute 4 year old voice "erm getting in and out the bath" LOL so I explained that being positive was aboout being happy and hopeful and it really sunk in, I told her to spread it around the world and you know what, she has, her daddy was cranky the other night and she told him "Daddy, just be happy and hopeful" she went to nursery yesterday and told everyone "Just be happy and hopeful" including one of the dinner ladies who replied "Ok just eat your dinner"!! She's told all her little friends and she even said to me this morning as she was holding Studley the kitten "Look mummy Studley is being happy and hopeful" and I swear since this really took off and we all beleived together things are looking 100% better, it's hard to be grumpy when you hear her little voice in your head. I've always believed that being positive is the way to take on life, I beleive if you open yourself up to the cosmos and truly beleive then good things can and will happen.

So today if you're feeling blue or you're just about to shout just remember a little 4 year olds words and just be happy and hopeful.

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