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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Self Portraits

We're having a photography challenge on Craft at the moment and the aim is that we all take self portraits and share, mainly because it helps people put names to faces and secondly because it's quite a challenging thing to do with your camera.

I did two today, both with my 50mm lens which isn't the easiest as if you hold it above yourself at the most flattering photography angle you find you can't get your whole self in, not to worry too much though as I quite enjoy taking bits of me rather than the whole me. Oh and I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed tommorrow hopefully, I waxed with photoshop here and I definitely think I need to do it no matter how painful the thought of it is!!

To be honest it's only my eyebrows so I can't see that it would hurt too much I mean after all it's not exactly a large area, I might be more concerned if it was other places I was attempting to wax and anyway after having 3 children it can't be too bad now can it?!

Paul has been out working all day today even though it was fathers day, thats him though, dedicated to the cause and it kind of made up for the deluges we've had during the week.

I went and delivered a coulple of hundred of his leaflets and my busines s cards today so hopefully I might get some business from them.

Oh and 1 final thing, notice my new funky hairstyle, I love it now that it's had a couple of days to settle :D

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