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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Angel with a Dirty face

Yep, I've been scrapping, I knew I would do something crafty as it's QVC craft day and that always manages to get me scrapping, I never buy anything but it's just nice to have any form of craft on TV for the day.

This layout has been brewing for ages, I've been desperate for atleast the last year to make a layout purely from felt, well I finally aquired some felt squares during the week and Voila here it is!

Ooh 1 other thing, did you see Dr Who tonight, edge of your seat stuff don't you think, I can't wait to see how this all pans out, and Capn Jack, Fwoarrrrrrrrr

I'm so obsessed with Dr Who, I even had a Dr Who dream last night, and yes complete withj Capn Jack!!! Ooh Capn Jack and Dr Who together and a spare half an hour, the things I could get up to MWhahahahaha

Oh and 1 final thing, did you join in with the butterfly book, if anyone does create one I would love you to share a link so I can see what different crafters do with them.

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