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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Changes and Treats

I must say thankyou to Koboshi Glass from whom I bought this gorgeous necklace this week and if you think it looks good in this piccy you should see it in real life, it's made from Dichroic glass and the way it sparkles in the sunshine is just amazing! I know that Jennifer won't mind that I borrowed her pic of it from the Craft Marketplace but I haven't had time to take one myself.

Oh and if you fancy clicking on that link you can purchase any print of any photo I have on my . for only £8 inclusive of postage and packaging. I've already sold a couple and they're being really well received so don't be shy!!

Onto the changes part of my blog, well as you know yesterday we went to David Lloyd and oh what fun we had, it's a totally family centric sports and health club and it didn't take too much persuading for us to join, if you're interested they're having an open weekend this weekend so get down there and try them for free.

It's actually costing just under £150 a month for our membership but for what you get I think thats not too bad, the kids can't wait to start doing all manner of classes and I personally am hoping to shed some pounds and inches. Obviously though I'm looking forward to the social side of things, they've a huge family lounge with plasma screen CBeebies, playstations, free internet use, gorgeous food, outdoor play and many other benefits, this really is a lifestyle we're buying into and no they didn't pay us to say that!! It's definetly perfect ofr those of us recovering from Agoraphobia!!

Well happy weekend, I'm off to catch up on some chores before an afternoon swimming at David Lloyd!!

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