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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Fwoar Factor!

As you all know my husband is a bit of a hottie, I'm pretty lucky and it also means that I can get great photos of him without too much persuasion. Yesterday afternoon we happened to be out and about, first we went up to Berwick to a garden centre and then afterwards we popped up to Wooler to a deserted picnic spot in the middle of the national park to give the dog some exercise. I decided to take photos as per usual and I captured this one standing on a picnic bench whilst Paul sat so pretty much it's a great position to be in to capture those gorgeous blue eyes. You should see this one really big, it's awesome. I also took a great photo of Iain as he was lying on the grass, you can see that one on my Photoblog. I really am so lucky that we still get to escape on a weekend, our lives have become so busy during the week that we're just dying to escape the noise of the city by a Saturday lunchtime. We usually do that on Sundays too but this Sunday we have to stay home as Abigail has a birthday party to go to this afternoon.

Have you visited my website lately? There have been lots of changes over there and I think it's looking quite swish, I'm actually getting some leaflets printed this week which I need to design before I take them in to my business advisor on Tuesday, it's very exciting but also quite scary at the same time, thats the thing about having your own business though, it's certainly not for the faint of heart!!

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