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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

The Good - Spent the afternoon at school doing the Sepia Victoria portraits, what fun I had and I'm so pleased with how they all turned out, so glad my family are lots of fun and joined in just so I could share some of the photos at long last. I'm having this one and the one on my Photoblog mounted and framed and then they're being donated to the Shipley Art Gallery (who most kindly donated the use of the costumes for the event) where they'll be hung for posterity and yes they will be signed and dated by the photographer, awesome or what?!

The Bad - I only did around 10 portraits so I didn't make half as much money for the school as I would have liked to and I only managed to hand out around 10 of my business cards.

The Downright Ugly - My Mother chose to write to me and as usual the letter was full of her vitriolic poison, she wished pain and illness on me which I thought was nice and remarked that my children make off the cuff comments about me when they're at her house. I discussed the issues of the letter with the children and was as open and honest as I could be (as per usual) and apart from them saying that she's a liar I also found out that a couple of weeks ago she called me a Fat Evil Cow, what a nice thing to say in front of your grandchildren about their mother. Luckily Iain said that he stuck up for me and said I wasn't even near to being that, I'm so glad that I'm blessed with such wonderful children who clearly love me enormously.

On a final note, it's the weekend, Hurray! Both sets of the childrens grandparents are on holidays at the moment so for the next few weeks we're lucky enough to get them all to ourselves, let the fun and family frivolity begin :D

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Anonymous said...

Those Sepia pictures are wonderful! Well done Mandy. And you're right, it is a shame you didn't have time to get more done, but I bet those that did get done were very pleased. Hopefully it'll still mean big business :) You know word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

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