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Friday, June 22, 2007

Off to the Printers....

This template for my leaflet has gone. In the end the other two both had minor quibbles, the one of Abigail was sort of too sad looking for a childrens photographer though it was the preferred shot and the one of Looby didn't have enough space at the top for the text, it was only a problem because when I take photos I take them with a view to not cropping them at all and ..... well you get the idea, so quick scan of which other delights I had from the princess series and voila this is the leaflet template and by this time next week it should be 2000 leaflets.

It's been such a quick week again this week, Paul and I both had our businesses officially registered yesterday which means I now have the fun task of doing all the admin for both of them as well as the accounting, YIKES!!

So can you beleive it, if you look back at the beginning of this blog I bet you wouldn't expect that only a year and a half later we would both be self employed with our own businesses!! Lets just hope that Mandy Charlton Designs and Meandering Gardens do us proud, you'll note that Pauls doesn't have a website and it really doesn't need one, he's doing so well it's a complete testament to just what hard work can do for you!

As for me, well my face is going to be featured on the back of 8000 leaflets going out to the east end of Newcastle advertising the Enterprise Support Team, the bonus is that underneath my pic will be my company name, my job title and all importantly my phone-number! All Good!

This weekend we're off to the local David Lloyd centre for some R&R, swimming, tennis, more swimming and definite family enjoyment, it must be good because I just bought myself a new 2 piece tankini set and also some joggers and a T-shirt for those more fitness orientated things, Looking forward to it? Yeah dear reader, YOu bet I am!!

Happy Friday Everyone :D

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