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Sunday, July 01, 2007

When I Began Blogging....

I never thought there would come a day where I actually hadn't blogged for a week, 1 year and a half later and life really has become so very busy that I haven't been able to squeeze it in! We've had a week of ups and downs, We've had chicken Pops, Wedding photography bookings, portrait bookings galore and Paul has been working hard gardening for what sometimes seems like the whole north east! LOL, and if we weren't doing all of that then you could probably find us at the David Lloyd club!

Speaking of which, I had a health and fitness induction yesterday afternoon and oh my I've put on nearly 2 stone since last May, this came as a bit of a shock but I spoke to my personal trainer and expressed my wishes to be thin, fit and fabulous by the start of the 2008 wedding season and that doesn't seem to be a problem! I'm going to atleast make the effort to do the gym workout a couple of times a week and in between I expect we'll be doing a fair bit of swimming anyway!!

I have around 3ish portrait bookings on this week, I say ish because a couple still have to confirm exact times and dates but never the less I am completely looking forward to all of them!!

Have a good week and I promise to try and post again before the weekend, oh and I'm booked in for an eyebrow waxing at the Saks salon situated inside the David Lloyd club, anyway I'm a wax virgin and only slightly terrified so wish me luck!!

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