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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life sure is busy...

Yep, can't beleive how quickly life can turn on it's head, at the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous pair of baby feet, oh and the rest of him is just as scrumptious, I really had a lot of fun with this wee man, and his family!

Today I shot (in the photographic sense of the word) another gorgeous boy with the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen. He's such a poppet and even though he wasn't keen to be the star of some photos for mummy I managed to bribe him with some lollies and he was good as gold! If you want to see more of either of my wee stars feel free to click on my website, you may even want to book yourself in, I'll warn you now, I am pretty much booked for the next couple of weekends, I have a shoot on Saturday and then next weekend I have an Asian wedding which takes up the whole weekend and the Sunday of the weekend after, oh yes as I stated earlier, I sure am busy!!!

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