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Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Picnic With Primula Summer Sides

The lovely people at Primula recently got in touch to see if I could use their products for something splendid, a summer picnic perhaps, well anyone who knows me will know that I'm rarely found indoors during the summer months, one of the reasons I love what I do is the ability to be able to write from anywhere and of course when I'm out working photographing kids and families it's a joy to be in our lovely parks and gardens during the sunniest months of the year.  Finally this year I've graduated from garden bench to bistro set and now I'll happily be in the garden from the first moment the sun kisses the pavement to the minute it disappears behind a rather large tree (I have a love/hate relationship with that tree).

Monday nights I have open house dinner, my daughters are usually both here and a friend or two will pop in to be fed knowing how much I love cooking for other people.

This week, it being the sunniest day of the week so far I thought I would put the Primula to good use and make something to go in a lovely summer outdoor picnic so here's my recipe to make cheesy chive baby potato skins.  Now please excuse my non exact measurements, when it comes to cooking I am a bit of this/little of that type of cook.

Cheesy Chive Baby Potato Skins

1 Tablespoon of your favourite Primula, I used Cheese and Chive
Half a small pot of sour cream
Bag of baby New Potatoes
Grated Cheese
Handful of chopped chives (mine came straight from my garden)

Bake the baby potatoes, then cool and slice in half, mix the primula with the sour cream and then spoon on, sprinkle with grated cheese and then pop in the oven at gas mark 6 until the cheese melts and bubbles.  Just before serving sprinkle the chives and then eat as fast as you can before the kids pinch it all.  

It makes a great snack or starter on it's own but we added some salad leaves and continental meats.  I also popped a little Primula on the side of my meat platter and the kids simply scooped it up and popped it on crackers, I'd hate to think just how many tubes of Primula my children have emptied over the years.

Primula have a whole host of recipes on their website so why not pick up a tube and see what you can create.

This is a collaborative post in association with Primula who supplied the cheese and challenged me to create a recipe.  All opinions, words and photos are my own, as is the dog, she's not a stunt or stand in dog, she is of course celebrity dog Holly Bobbins!

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