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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Kingslodge Inn, Durham, A Great Dog Friendly Pub

Last week Holly Bobbins and I were invited to go and try out the newly revitalised, refreshed and refurbished Kingslodge Inn which is 5 minutes from the city centre in Durham, that's a 5 minute walk so easily accessible if you're in Durham with your dog and what a blessed relief because there are not nearly enough places you can take your dog with you in the city of Durham, especially on rainy days. Holly and I love a wander around the historic city but when it comes to dog friendliness they have a long way to go to equal Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Kingslodge Inn though could not have been more welcoming to Holly, the bar area and the outdoor courtyard area is dog friendly with large dog bowls outside and a treat for every well behaved dog who comes into the bar, whilst we were there we met an adorable puppy who was with his charming owners, they confirmed with us just how lovely the pub is both for food and bringing your four pawed friends along.

The menu is expansive and I really was spoiled for choice, I plumped for the Brie for starters, Lemon Chicken for mains and the most amazing home made chocolate cheesecake, a gooey, chocolate mouse like cheesecake which tasted like heaven.  The meals come in man sized portions to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites and everything is served up with a smile from the friendly waiting staff.  For mains my lovely friend Harriet decided to sample the Moule Frites and she certainly wasn't disappointed by the pretty pot of lovingly cooked shellfish put before her.  All of the food is prepared from fresh, something that you can really taste, no reheated microwavable meals here just great cooked food which are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the tummy.  The lemon sauce on the tempura fried chicken was superb, just zesty and sweet enough for my tummy ensuring that I needed to go home and go for a run to work off the yummy calories, we even indulged in a bottle of the house white which was delicious, fresh and served at just the right temperature.

The big question is will Holly and I return, the resounding answer is yes, it's accessible enough to get the train to Durham and walk, there's a dog walk just behind the hotel and although I didn't see any kids in when we visited I'm assuming they're going to be just as friendly to the little ones as they are to the waggy tailed ones.  Now at least when we go for Durham walkies we won't have to wander for hours, sometimes in the rain searching for that gem of a dog friendly, child friendly place to go with a lovely cosy atmosphere with great food, in the Kingslodge Inn we have found just that and I can't wait to have a night away at their sister hotel, the King's Head Inn which sits just at the base of Rosebery Topping in Yorkshire in just a couple of weeks with my lovely friend Laura.  We're happy and delighted to include both hotels in Holly Bobbins Dog Friendly North East .

Harriet, Holly and I were invited to try a 3 course meal with wine in exchange for an honest review, these are my honest words, photographs and a big full tummy which really did require a run afterwards.

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