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Monday, June 06, 2016

Visit Yorkshire This Summer For A Great Dog Friendly Day Out

I love Yorkshire, if I'm not escaping to Scotland or the Lake District I find Yorkshire to be the most beautiful dog friendly collection of towns and villages all nestled together amidst the most jaw dropping countryside scenic routes which make you gasp with excitement, especially if like me you're a photographer.  With summers fast approach you could fit all of these places into just one day and that's exactly what I did along with Looby, Harriet and of course Holly Bobbins.

I have the loveliest clients who'd asked me if there was any way I could come to Hawes for a family photo shoot, well you know, I do travel where I can, all inclusive photo shoots are just £250 plus travel expenses.  Please get in touch if you'd like to book one, they're not always available so booking well in advance is required so I can see just when I can fit it into my schedule.

Hawes is one of the most pretty places you can ever imagine, it's quintessentially English,  home to Wensleydale Cheese and popular with bikers, walkers and of course lots of visitors who love to visit dog friendly places.  I can personally recommend Cafe Curva where upon purchasing a home baked scone you are asked if you'd also like a slice of that famous cheese and also The Crown Hotel, somewhere I'd had lunch on a previous day out, both places absolutely dog friendly inside and out and food was fantastic.

The Ribblesdale Viaduct, we passed on our way from North Yorkshire to West Yorkshire

After a morning spent in Yorkshire we were on our way to visit Harriets parents in her childhood home near Saltaire, my lovely friend grew up in the most beautiful house which looks like something from a Jane Austen novel, a stone house with Ivy trailing up the sides, a rambling garden and nestled between a river and a canal, her parents personify that of a wonderful, warm traditional Yorkshire couple, Looby loved her visit and always likes to chat with Harriets dad because of his interest in horses and hounds and what's funny is that they live in exactly the place I imagined when Harriet had told me about them.

We ambled along the most beautiful Canal path until the chimney from Salts Mill appeared through the trees, Saltaire is a world heritage village, famed for the place where Titus Salt built a textile mill. His heritage survived the eons and in 2001 Saltaire Village was given it's official as a world heritage site.

Harriet was keen to show me her local church Saltaire Reform, what a beautiful church, she tells me that when she finds her dashing millionaire with a love of horses this is the church she'll get married in, well I for one can't wait for that occasion and actually I'd quite like a millionaire who's dashing with a love of animals too, if you fit that description do get in touch, haha!

As you can probably gauge thus far we managed to squeeze quite a lot into the space of one day but it was all totally worth it to spend a day visiting places and seeing things which I'd never experienced so when Harriet took me on the tram to Shipley Glen you can only imagine my excitement, I love trams and unusual ways to travel and there's something quite unique about the Shipley Glen tramway, it's Britains oldest funicular railway still in operation, built in 1895 and now in it's 121st year, it's just £1 for adults and 30p for children, free for doggies and so another form of transportation that Holly Bobbins has travelled on, surely she's one of the most travelled little dogs, at least in the UK!

It's a lovely little 5 minute trip up to the top of Shipley glen and when you reach the top you'll find The Old Glen House, a wonderful family and dog friendly pub serving delicious food in portions to satisfy even a Yorkshire mans appetite.  It also provided a landscape suitable for countryside parkour, if you're Looby!

After a large dinner (and pudding) we started our meander home and there was one final treat left in store, a visit to the pretty visit of Esholt, home to the Woolpack and the former home of Emmerdale before it moved to it's custom made set.  I'm not a fan of soaps, in fact I can't remember the last time I even saw one but I grew up watching Emmerdale Farm so I got quite excited to see it in real life, a window to the nostalgia of childhood is never a bad thing, it was a simpler time for sure in the days where you only had one TV and the show was very much about farming and farm life rather than the drama it's become since it dropped the farm from it's title.

When I finally got home it was after ten and we'd left at eight in the morning so a jam packed day which felt like a holiday and all started with a work trip, Yorkshire you are the jewel in the crown of England I can't wait until my next visit.

To book me for a family photo shoot in Yorkshire, the Lake District or Edinburgh this summer please email or visit my website


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