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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The wedding party of Elanor and Mark

I've known Elanor since I first met her at her friends, Nina and Stephens, wedding many years ago, through the wonder of Facebook we connected and then she came to work for me.  We had many adventures together, supported each other during some pretty tough times and what started as a chance meeting at a wedding ended up in a friendship I am so grateful for.  A couple of years ago she left me for pastures new in Doncaster, she was in a course to take over the world in the career she works so hard at and so when she told me about meeting a lovely man I couldn't have been happier for her, in Mark she has found someone completely different, someone who loves and embraces her and someone who adores her gorgeous girls.

They married in Disney in May and invited Abigail and I to go down to Doncaster, stay over, party with them and also just take a few important photos.  I've since heard that for months all Elanor talked about was one photo, the first dance photo, something which became a signature shot for me for a couple of wedding seasons, it's an off camera flash shot and on many occasions Elanor was the one on the other side of the couple with the flash trying to get this very special shot.  I know how much she wanted this and this shot is not an exact science, so many variables and things which mean sometimes having all of the technical stuff right you just can't guarantee you're going get it.

Did I get it?

  Of course I did, luck was on my side and Abigail did a great job of being the flash holder!

It's always the most amazing feeling in the world to be able to photograph your friends but although I've photographed a lot of friends I've not shot a lot of their weddings, being the age I am a lot of my friends were already married before I met them, I am of course holding out for their vow renewals though.

So I got that crucially important shot, we had the most wonderful day and we got so many other wonderful photographs that I thought I would share just a few with you.  I should also say that we danced, we ate cake, I had a couple of cocktails and we had the most brilliant time celebrating the love these two have found.  In each other they have found the love they always wished for and I hope that every day continues to be amazing for them, I may not see Elanor as much as I'd like but she and her gorgeous girls will always have a place deep inside my heart.


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