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Monday, June 13, 2016

A Haute Florist Bouquet from Prestige Flowers

I adore fresh flowers, I buy them for the house as often as I can because essentially you can't see flowers without smiling, on even the darkest dullest days flowers bring in light and colour to even the smallest light starved hallway. To order a bouquet might feel a little self indulgent but I'd say that for that for me it's more about self care, a necessary to elevate my moods, especially in winter and dare I say it, the rainy dull summer days we are so prone to living in England.

Prestige Flowers got in touch to see if I'd like to receive one of their new luxury bouquets, it took me around 3 and a half seconds to accept with glee the offer of their New York bouquet from their Haute Florist range and I opened the door with a little too much enthusiasm when the postman delivered my beautiful flowers all cocooned in their own special box.

Now I've adopted a rather freestyle approach to arranging flowers, much like my sprawling cottage style garden I enjoy hours faffing with flowers but they never really end up looking like the bouquets on the website, however I wouldn't have it any other way because arranging them is as much fun as receiving them.

Orchids, gerberas and amazing peach coloured roses delight the eyes whilst the gentle floral perfume of this pretty bouquet reminds me of summer days out,  there's just nothing like the smell of cut flowers, as you trim each stem.

I cannot understand people who don't like cut flowers, to me it's like not liking kittens, puppies, cake or chocolate, flowers are such a simple pleasure, a wonderful gift, they say I love you, or I'm sorry, or congratulations, unlike other gifts flowers could never be considered inappropriate.

the greatest gift you can give yourself is love and nothing says love better than the gift of fresh cut flowers.

I know it's not possible to smell the flowers from behind your screen so I thought what would be good is if you click on this photo and you're on mobile you can download it and use it as a pretty wallpaper, my gift to you so you smile whenever you open your phone.

I received these flowers in exchange for an review but as ever, these are my words, my thoughts, my photos and they're sitting in my hallway giving me a smile every time I walk past them.

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