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Monday, June 13, 2016

10 Fathers Day Presents To Make Dad's Day

It's Fathers Day on Sunday, the annual celebrations of the wonder that dad is and with that in mind I have a few nifty gifts you could get even the most hard to buy for papa to say thanks for all of the lifts, the cash advances, the DIY emergencies, the camping expertise, yes the best dads provide all of these as their specialist subjects so here without further ado is my guide to 10 Fathers Day presents to make dads day.

1. The Outwell Cazal Fire pit - I have a fire pit in my garden and I absolutely love it but you know what the average dad loves?  BBQing and a fire pit is such a great purchase, one, it keeps you warm on evenings spent in your garden and 2 it doubles up as a BBQ with a huge cooking surface, we use ours two or 3 times a week.

2. A photo shoot that's all about dad, I couldn't write this article without suggesting a photo shoot, I sell vouchers you can happily print and present to dad on Sunday and then at a later date plan your fabulous family photo shoot, it's the gift that keeps on giving and they do say you should buy gifts that you would want to receive yourself, to purchase an E-Voucher from just £30 please Email Me

3. If you're dad is a funky dude you might want to treat him to my personal favourite thing, cherry red Dr Martens, I find that men are the worst about replacing shoes and when they do they grab the first thing they see, why not treat dad to something he can wear for years or of course, you could just buy them for yourself.  Abigail actually has these boots and in my humble opinion they're just as fab for daughters as they are for dads.

4. If there's one constant in the life of dad it's the need for socks, whilst we women can get away barefoot for most occasions I'm always a little worried when I see men wearing shoes without socks, take note men, barefoot with flip flops or plimsoles is all very well and good but never, just never wear leather shoes without socks, think of the sweaty toes, get yourself to Happy Socks and buy some footwear to make your feet delighted.

5. Why not get dad an Audible subscription, I was talking to Iain about writing this guide and this was his suggestion, I used to use Audible but I prefer music to audio books, I did however used to love David Tennant reading the Doctor Who books because it was like having the doctor in your ears and almost as good as watching him on TV, I'm sure (and so is Iain) that this will be one present which only costs a little every month and will keep dad happy for a very long time as he gets a new book every month for just £7.99

6. Have a dad who loves playing sport?  I've bought 2 pairs of Karrimor run trainers in the last week at ridiculously bargain prices so you can be assured that Sports Direct have something for all pockets, some great ways to show dad how much you love him (Karrimor Run is my favourite brand for running and walking and they have enormous savings).

7.  If dad has his own specialist subject then why not get him a magazine subscription, this is another gift that will keep on giving and it's quite a low monthly cost so if you're budget is a shoestring then this might be the gift for you.

8. Ok so you've got no money but you want something exclusive so why not be creative, maybe make up a box of goodies and include this fabulous Harrods Pen, it's only £5.95 but if you popped it in a gift box with some chocolates and his favourite tipple you might just find he thinks you're the best child in the world.

9. Now it may not be applicable to all the men folk but generally in my experience I've found that the males of the species love nothing more than a good beer or some chocolate so why not put the two things together and get your father a beer chocolate hamper from Hotel Chocolat

10. Those lovely people at Marks and Spencer have an awesome offer, you get shorts, shirt and Fathers Day card for only £19.50, now that's something to fit everyones budget.

Disclaimer, I use affiliate marketing as a method to facilitate the feeding of my children however all of these products have been personally chosen by me to save you time with your Fathers Day gift purchasing.



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