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Monday, June 09, 2014

What's in the News W/C Monday 9th June 2014

Mondays are a good day to go out into the world and sniff the flowers, especially if you are a rescue husky called Petunia!

Dear reader, 1 fact about me that you may not know is that I am a bit of a newshound, I had previously stopped watching news/reading newspapers because, well there's very rarely any good news but I like to keep up with current affairs, I just keep away from the stories which really are doom and gloom.

So what's in the news this sunny Monday morning?

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is apparently a recluse now which explains her absence from TV, she has however dragged herself from her home to talk about it on the Jeremy Kyle celebrity special to be screened tomorrow on ITV, will I be watching, well, erm, no, I'm not really a fan of Jeremy Kyle, I don't do soap operas and Jeremy Kyle is Eastenders on acid!

I find it sad though that socialite Tara is now mostly confined to her house crippled by anxiety, apparently she's seen a therapist every day in the last 9 years, whilst this is tragic you have to ask if she's seeing the correct therapist and on the proper medication, agoraphobia is awful to say the least but surely with a combination of treatment and the correct therapy it's completely beatable, I wonder if she just needs her tool to give her the power.  I also wonder that although it's admirable why choose to only leave your house for the 4th time this year to go on the Jeremy Kyle show?

Passport Backlog

Also this morning there's news of a passport backlog and an overwhelmed passport office, now I know this might seem like common sense to me but surely they have to be prepared for the fact that in the summer it's going to be busy and as we in the UK suffer from a perpetually changeable climate with utterly unpredictable weather it's safe to assume that the number of families seeking 2 weeks solace in sunnier climbs is only going to keep growing.  Apparently there's advice out there that you can pay an extra £55.50 and go through fast tracking, well that's convenient isn't it, as if the price of passports for the whole family wasn't expensive enough.  I am quite glad that this year I'll be mainly travelling within the UK for the UK Cityscapes project.

UK Cityscapes

There's a weird space in my life!  After 45 days of frantically campaigning and a phrenetic use of social media the last couple of days have been strangely quiet and I've suffered from a little bit of post crowd funding blues, it's so weird but i'm in that lull at the moment while I await the funding to be released, I'm really hoping it won't take too long as I want to get travelling, my next destination of Birmingham awaits but without the funding I'm left to patiently await the travel ahead of me, crossed fingers and toes that by this time next week I will be back on the road travelling to some of the 58 cities I have left to cover.

Petunia Husky

Finally in my news roundup you may have heard or read on this blog about our wonderful new family member Petunia the rescue husky, well I am delighted to say that she's settled in so well, yesterday we went out for a full on doggy family day out, Pets at Home for the purchase of a Thunder Shirt to help her with her anxiety levels, it's a similar treatment to using pressure for autism in children, she looks very smart when she's out and about it in it.  We then went out for a family lunch at Brandling Villa in Gosforth, totally dog and child friendly and not only do they have a great kids menu they also have a special menu for doggies, how fab is that?!  I think this will be our new regular place to eat out, it's just a shame we can't take the cats too!  We also went to the Newcastle community green festival in Leazes park, what a lovely afternoon, Petunia met the world, after a day of being on a meet and greet she flaked out and slept right through the night.  She's gone to the vets this morning for her post op checkup (she was spayed a couple of weekends ago), she's such a poppet, I really wasn't ready for how much she's stolen all of our hearts, I am completely and totally in love!  It makes me happy that while I am away hubby will be kept company and she'll go to work with him most days!  Lots of people have enquiried how she's fitting in with the cats, well she can't climb stairs and so she lives on the ground floor and the cats live on the first floor, the thing is though that she has no prey instinct so while the cats have tried their best at hissing at her while they come downstairs and she's in her homely cage she doesn't actually give a hoot, I wonder if it'll be too long before they're sneaking into her cosy home for cuddles when she's not looking, Poppy isn't phased at all and they've already had a sniff around each other, in fact I reckon that they could end up being very good friends.

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