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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding photography at the Garden Station, near Langley in Northumberland

Something a little bit different today dear reader, I shot a wedding on Saturday and I am so excited about it that I thought I would share a couple of the images.  The venue was the Garden Station near Langley, Hexham in Northumberland. Being an occasional wedding photographer in Northumberland I love to go to places which are completely different and  this place is so completely unique, it used to be a railway station and now it's a cafe/potting shed/amazing wedding venue.  The wedding I shot was completely outdoors, probably the most laid back wedding I have ever shot in fact.

Let me share with you just a couple of images - 

This was the ceremony, just Dan and Claire, no officiant (they did the legal stuff early in the morning at the nearby registry office) just the two of them saying beautiful words which made tears roll down my cheeks, what a special thing indeed, I actually think there wasn't a dry eye in the house, I don't know about you but when a groom cries I cry, there's something breathtaking about a man over come with emotion because he's giving himself to the one he adores for the rest of his life.


This next image is pure magic, let me talk to you about this image, if you're not a photographer and don't care about the wonder of Fuji then scroll past now but here goes - When I converted to the Fuji X-Pro1 the one thing I missed was off camera flash portraits, especially at weddings, well this weekend with the use of my Canon EX600 RT, a sync lead and a pair of triggers from Ebay I was back in the off camera flash game, of course it means you have to do everything manually but when it comes to off camera flash that's all I've ever done anyway, this was 200iso 1/250 at f8 with the flash at 1/1, shot at around 3 in the afternoon with the 35mm f1.4 on Midsummers day I got to create an evening portrait, something I love doing, 1 top tip though, never look directly at the flash or you'll burn your retinas!

I'm editing this wedding at the moment and I can't wait to share the whole story of Dan and Claires day with you all, it really was the most perfect way to spend a midsummers day.

If you would like to speak to me about shooting your wedding, I only take weddings on an extremely limited basis and book far in advance but do email me and we can have a chat about your magical day.


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