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Monday, June 16, 2014

UK Cityscapes made the news again!!

Good morning dear reader, I hope you're all bursting with energy at the prospect of a new week!  I was absolutely delighted to find that UK Cityscapes once again made it into the Sunday Newspapers again.

I'm obviously delighted that UK Cityscapes keeps finding it's way on to blogs and in newspapers and I really enjoy doing all of the interviews so if you would like to talk to me about the project just drop me an email

This week I'll be travelling to Birmingham on Wednesday on....The Megabus, yes my dear readers you heard that right, that's the kind of luxurious life I lead but I wasn't about to refuse a £5 fare to Birmingham, a day ticket around Newcastle is £3.80!!  Even on the way home on Friday it's only £15, I think this could be a turning point in the project as much cheaper travel might take a little longer but it also means I've a much better chance of completing the project on the budget I have!  Incidentally when I checked out the train fares it was £110 for a return so there's no competition really even though it'll take a couple of hours longer.

I have got my train tickets booked for Inverness and Aberdeen though and even that with a donation of a ticket to Edinburgh I managed to get all of the travel for £40.85, I just need to find similar great deals on hotels, I'm very lucky that when I go to Birmingham I am going to be staying with Sarah and Rob, 2 wonderful photographer friends I've known for a couple of years thanks to the internet. I'm so grateful that people are being so generous in so many different ways to make sure that the UK Cityscapes project succeeds.  I'm also delighted to be having a guided tour from another lovely photographer friend James in Birmingham and yes I have asked the question, why are all my friends who are photographers based in the middle part of the country, well they're not all from the Midlands but there are quite a few, you can thank the internet for that!

On Thursday I'll be going to Wolverhampton and Coventry, they're so close to each other that I am hoping a half day in each will suffice, especially as I'm going to be on my own and won't have to justify every single thing I do to my smaller people!  I can do anything I want!  I know I'm definitely going to Coventry Cathedral.

If you are a business based in any UK City and would like to jump on board and take advantage of all of the publicity I do offer advertising via banner ads and also sponsored blog posts so do get in touch, you can even choose to sponsor your city.


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