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Friday, June 27, 2014

In Conversation with... James from Homefinders Plus

Welcome dear readers to a whole new feature on my blog where I'll be talking to my business investors and other inspirational business people.

You might not want to relocate to this castle but James and his team at Homefinders plus will help you find your dream home.

First up is James from Homefinders Plus, a relocation agent in the Peak district, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Derby.  Think of Homefinders Plus as the matchmaker between buyer and property, like Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location, James will find you a choice of perfect properties you'll want to move straight into.

James sent me this delightful image taken from the bottom of the garden where Homefinders Plus is based in Glossop, Derbyshire, oh how I love Derbyshire and the Peak District, Matlock Bath is one of my favourite places in the whole of the UK

I asked James 10 probing questions, these were his answers - 

1.  What's on your desk right now, tell me 3 things you can see on your desk 

A laptop, a very large map of the area we cover with lots of pins in them, one of my partners’ many handbags.

2.  Sum up your business in 3 words

Location, Location, Location!

3.  What inspires you? 

Successfully helping people and seeing them happy.

4.  What are you working on right now? 

A number of different clients requiring all kinds of houses, from an equestrian smallholding to a retirement flat.

5.  Any exciting things coming up that you want the world to know about? 

Travel will be severely hampered when the Tour de France comes to the Peak District in a couple of weeks time! Oh, and I’m planning to get married next year.

6.  Imagine you met an alien, how would you explain your business to them? 

I am sure Phil and Kirstie’s programmes even go into outer space, however if not, we simply find houses for people who don’t have the time, money or motivation to do it themselves. We search, we find, we negotiate, followed by monitoring of the sale through to completion. It sounds easy, there is a lot of hard work but many rewards at the end.

7.  Favourite Inspirational Quote? 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now (Chinese proverb).

8.  Favourite music to work to? 

None, although any sport in the background is relaxing!

9.  Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years time

If people haven’t got bored with the programmes on TV by then, I’d like to be the second Phil Spencer.

10.  So many people are choosing to start their own businesses every day, what's your top tip to encourage them? 

Prepare, take free courses and believe.

If you're a busy professional wishing to re-locate in the Peak District, Manchester, Sheffield, Derby or Leeds why not let James from Homefinders Plus do all of the hard work so you can move into your perfect property tomorrow.

I'm very jealous of the amazing landscape in which Homefinders Plus is based, the Peak District in Derbyshire really is one of the prettiest places on earth, when I'm a millionaire James you can find me my perfect weekend hideaway.

To get in touch with James and his team at Homefinders Plus you can find him  - 

I'd personally like to thank James for becoming a business investor in the UK Cityscapes project, if you or your business would like to get involved with a year of sustained marketing on this here blog with a lovely banner ad and more please do get in touch.


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