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Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's over, it's finally over....

The last 45 days have been the biggest roller coaster I have ever experienced.  Crowd funding is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Here's some stats from the UK Cityscapes project crowd funding campaign

144% funded
£3599 raised
15, 498 visits to the Indiegogo page
106 contributions
1500 Facebook shares
903 Tweets

If you were a part of this even in some small way then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you read all of the articles (I'm quite glad I didn't read them until afterwards) the first thing they say is Do not do this on a whim!  So on that one I'd say Mandy 1 - Crowd funding advice - 0, I do know exactly what they're getting at though!

So you're probably wondering what exactly happens next?

It takes around 15 business days for most of the funds to be released, Paypal is immediate and that's helped with cities I've been to over the last 45 days, the bulk though will mean that the end of June/whole of July/August will be devoted to travelling this great land, climbing tall buildings and walking more miles in a week than i've ever walked before and that's not a bad thing!

If you follow me on social media you'll be able to keep up with each city as it happens, I post little postcards on the go through Instagram so feel free to give me a follow, I always try to follow back, I love seeing other peoples worlds, I'm

My Etsy store Philomena's Boutique will be refreshed and all of the images from all of the cities will be available as Prints, fine art prints, Canvases and there'll also be options to pre order the UK Cityscapes books in both digital and hard copy.  I'm also working an E-Book which will be about the Crowd Funding journey and how to launch and run a successful campaign, I plan to get that written on evenings when I am in hotels on my own.

"But oh, Wait, I'm a company and I want to get involved, I really want to sponsor UK Cityscapes" I hear you say, well worry not, companies can still get involved in return for publicity, reviews and other such wonderful things, if you are a UK company, involved with travel or you're a hotel then please continue to get in touch by emailing me 

you'll also be seeing a lot more photos of my cats again and yesterday we just gave a home to Petunia, a 2 and a half year old husky with neurological problems, she has the equivalent of doggy autism and problems with her back legs, we took her out for her very first trip to the park yesterday and she loved it She's just quite the most enchanting little character. She's perpetually happy and has settled in better in one day than any other pet we've ever had, because she has no prey instinct and wants to be everyones friend she'll no doubt end up being friends with the cats, she's not even interested when they go next to her cage, much to their dismay.

I'm happy we found Petunia, she's going to keep hubby company when I'm away from home.

Oops, got totally distracted there didn't I, not like me at all!

Have a wonderful weekend, pray for sunshine because I am off to photograph a wedding and the portraits are timed for the same time as the thunder, my outfit today will probably be a floaty dress and galoshes!

All PR requests  and enquiries about the UK Cityscapes project should be sent to


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