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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The World Cup, what world cup?

Apparently in 9 days time there's this thing happening in Brazil called The World Cup which involves 22 men kicking a ball around a field in a fight to the death in a game they call football... or something like that, it actually might be a lot more fun if it was a fight to the death, maybe something along the lines of Running Man, whatever happens, you can guarantee that I'll be a football widow, actually I think this year I'll be too busy running around the cities of the UK for UK Cityscapes, incidentally I am now only 36% away from my crowd funding target but there are only 4 days to go, if you have been waiting to pre-order your book or you want to get your business on board and back the project then time is running out so please go to the UK Cityscapes page and pre-order your book, canvas or business sponsorship, perks start at just £3 and you get some great stuff in return and a portion from every sale of the book will go to my nominated charity MIND. If you want to know why that is you can read about why I am doing this whole project and photographing all 69 cities of the UK.

Glamping in Northumberland

In other news, I spent the weekend on a travel assignment for the Bells of Hemscott, there'll be a full blog post coming later in the week about this fabulous glamping destination in the wilds of Northumberland but to keep you going here's one of my favourite travel photographs of the weekend, I'm calling it Looby vs the Cows.

I should say that cows, although they're quite a curious bunch they're also shy so Looby definitely won, one of the things I loved about staying on the farm was the fact that you got to be so close up to the animals, it was so wonderful getting back to nature for the whole weekend and I can't wait to go back when it's just hubby and I to have a sneaky romantic weekend away from it all.

Kids and Family Portraits

people keep asking if I am still photographing kids and families, well yes I am, I still love photographing families in the north east of England and beyond, in fact if I'm coming to your city and you would like to book a photo shoot with me please get in touch!  here's some images from recent photo shoots in Tynemouth, Heaton, Jesmond Dene and Saltwell Park and also at home with the clients

if you would like to book a kids/family/couples portrait it's £40 for a regular session on location or at home (for central Newcastle, please contact me for pricing if you are further afield) and you'll get a web gallery for 30 days, 15% off for the first week your gallery is live and you'll also get a complimentary 12x8 print. To book your session you can email or you can click through to my website 

This weekend will see me photographing the first of 3 June weddings, they're all completely varied and I can't wait, looks like the weather is going to be amazing for beach portraits too.

Over on my Facebook Page people are deciding which city I should visit next and they're choosing their least favourite city, at the moment the choices seem to be Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke on Trent or Sheffield, I'm kind of scared although I do love a challenge!  Go leave your suggestion for the least inspiring city of the UK and I might be visiting there next!


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