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Friday, June 13, 2014

Harrison Ford and the attack of the Millennium Falcon

News has reached me this morning that there's been a road traffic accident involving Star Wars space ship Millennium Falcon and Han Solo, yes that's right, apparently Harrison Ford was taken to hospital after the Millennium Falcon ran over his ankle, the irony is of course that he was airlifted to the nearby hospital in Oxford, well surely he could have just flown in the Millennium Falcon?  Producers have said it won't stop filming, well erm, you'd hope so, breaking your ankle wasn't a national emergency the last time I checked!

The Passport crisis is still rumbling on with the Daily Mail pointing out that while this crisis is ongoing our politicians are out partying with Angelina Jolie and the like, now I know they're looking to solve the crisis but I don't think there was ever a suggestion that David Cameron et al would actually be sent on work experience to the passport office to clear the backlog.

Yes it's Friday dear reader and spirits are high, Fathers Day on Sunday and have I actually organised anything yet?  Well I did offer to take himself out for a nice Sunday Lunch at Piccolino but he quickly reminded me that there was no need to celebrate his fabulous dad status, I'll remind him of that on Sunday when he asks what we're doing that day.

he is lovely though and he really is an amazing dad and husband, I really couldn't do all the travel and have the career I have without his love and support behind me.

I love this face too, this is about the 3 billionth photo of Petunia I've shared since she came into our lives last weekend, she's a lovely pampered poppet now, hoping to put the awful past she's had firmly behind her.

Last photo I have to share today is this adorable little one and his mummy on the beach at Tynemouth Longsands, if you would like to book a lovely relaxed summer kids or family photo shoot on the beach or in the park please get in touch by email or my website and please book in advance so I can get you in my schedule as I'll be away on lots of occasions for the UK Cityscapes Project and other travel blogging assignments.  Speaking of UK Cityscapes, you can now pre-order yourself a digital copy of the book or an actual hard copy directly from my blog, just look at the top of the page on the right and you'll be taken to a checkout page, digital copies are £5 and the hard copy which will contain at least 69 images from all of the cities in the UK is £30 and they'll make Christmas presents as the book "Postcards from the City" is due for release in Autumn 2015.

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope the sun shines from you and don't forget to celebrate the dad in your life, they are pretty awesome after all!


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