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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Two for Tuesday morning...

It's lovely and sunny this morning in Newcastle and that makes me happy dear reader, today I'm giving a presentation at an event this afternoon and thats mostly my work for the day as really Tuesdays are usually my day off.

Yesterday after a busy morning spent ordering prints and doing admin and then doing house work and shopping I managed a couple of hours creativity.

We've just celebrated Abigails 11th birthday but on my table yesterday I found a photograph of her on her 10th birthday, I'm sure i'll get to 11 soon enough.

and if you want old photos, I took this one when Looby was 3, I wasn't even a photographer, or at least I was making moves towards becoming one but I hadn't started my business, that happened in June 2007 (6 years old next month, yay)  It was at a time when I was just getting over agoraphobia and making moves to be indpendant, we had a lovely holiday in Scotland and when I came back I was super focused on the future.

Have a super focused and positive Tuesday everyone.


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