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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work, life, photography, scrapbooking

I Actually could just post that as my blog post, that pretty much sums up everything that has been going on since I blogged last although not as much work as I'd have liked because of the awful weather at weekends, this week I suggest the weather has it's worst days on Thursday, even Friday but definitely, absolutely not on Saturday or Sunday!

so here's a few Instagrams to fill you in on my latest and greatest goings on...

Almost 11, she looks 22, she is 11 now actually but this was just before when she got her new grown up haircut.  I've been going a bit painty and inky mad this week, I'm sure you'll get the picture...

portraits all day on the beach, erm...maybe not!

Caught hubby on his way out on Saturday night looking rather too dashing for his own good, it's just a shame we were both going out separately!

while he was out doing drinking things we all went to one of my best friends on the whole planet to watch Eurovision, it was a cheesefest!

I've been eating a lot of these lately, I will be thinner, I will, I will!

went to Jesmond Dene on Monday afternoon for a photo shoot, yep, the 51st shade of Grey, British Summer Grey.

hubby said this page looks like a mess but clearly it's because he's got no taste or design skills, I love the splashy inky background, it took me ages to get that right.

another inky background and a photograph from 2007 and a trip to Blackpool, it was when I was going through old photographs yesterday that I realised how truly cute my children were when they were little dots of things, I shall try and focus on that when they're having their tween tantrums.

and so a few highlights of the worky things I actually have done will follow this blog, probably tomorrow oh and if you remember me telling you about Google losing my official address, well the news is that there is no news, Google engineers are on the case and they still can't fix it, crazy when you think they're one of the most powerful companies in the whole world.


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