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Thursday, May 09, 2013

It's not all work...

Hello Dear Reader, how long it seems to be since my last post, in real times it's about 2 weeks but that is a while for me.

It's been horribly busy as ever, I never ever seem to stop...except I do, for 3 whole days this week I had fun and frolics and relaxation, all in the aid of Abigails 11th birthday.

I went away and I didn't even take my camera, so here's my weekend in Instagrams -

It started with a day of mini sessions at Tynemouth, note to self, remember the sunscreen next time.

on Saturday evening we did a 6 hour drive down to London to stay in the Jurys Inn, Croydon, this was my Sunday morning view from the 11th floor.

Thorpe Park was our day on Sunday, we thought we'd let the girls beat each other up in a safe environment, they're like North and South Korea at the moment, I've threatened to change my name to referee on several occasions.

Laura, queen of butterfly land

hubby, ruler of the beardy folk

all of the kids trying to photo bomb each other, oh and Dorito, Loobys dog she's had since she was 2 years old and he's been everywhere, he's more well travelled than me!!

shockingly bad couples portrait of us but after 13 years of marriage you take what you can get

Bank holiday monday morning and another theme park beckons, Drayton Manor was our Monday day out

I decided not to go on this after a very traumatic ride on something similar at Flamingo land where I actually prayed out loud for the ride to be over.

we didn't get home until Midnight on Monday and as it was Abigails birthday on Tuesday we let them sleep in and took one of our "Bohemian Rhapsody" days, it's not all about school you know, our bohemian style of parenting is something I'm really proud of and all the kids are doing so well at school, Abigail is doing SATS at the higher level next week so some occasional days off only seem to make them more nourished well balanced children.

We love Alnmouth so much, it's one of our favourite places on the beautiful Northumbrian coastline

Abigail and her daddy taking a stroll

love this one, they stopped arguing for a whole minute and then Abigail got very wet and then very sandy and then complained we'd ruined her birthday because she was too sandy, the girl cracks me up!!

oh thats me, I made a sand portrait of me before i straighten my hair in the mornings!

It was lovely to take some time out, just keeps me refreshed and I love family time so much, it's really hard to switch off when you love your business but it's necessary so you don't burn out.

I'll be back with a regular worky type post tomorrow with tons of new portraits of the little people of the north, i have another full day on Sunday and on Saturday I have a wedding at one of my favourite venues, Whitworth Hall near Durham, they have their own deer park you know!


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