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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Half Term Holidays, more play and a little less work, my week in Instagrams

It's half term dear reader and I couldn't be happier, I'm spending a few days off work with the kids and are we having all manner of fun and games, well we are in between the times when I want to put them in the cupboards for arguing, fighting and bickering with each other!!

So, what have we been up to -

lets go back a week and my last scrapbooking adventures, I haven't had time since, so this one has handpainted flowers, the ones in the background and it's me at 39, well it was me at 39 but since Slimmingworld began I am definitely improving, more of that in a moment.

keeping it simple for a photo from last year when we went to a wedding as guests, that does not happen very often.

Friday night, date night with hubby at Six Baltic and look, I'm definitely improving, I don't mind this photo of me nearly as much as I usually do.

Saturday, glorious day in Newcastle, I had a lovely day with my family and then a shoot in the evening when the light was much kinder

add aforementioned photo shoot with Looby who was acting as my trusty assistant.

no Sunday Instagramming, 10 photo shoots in Saltwell Park and the favourites from those are coming soon to my blog but mostly you'll find them on my Facebook business page

Monday and we went to the County show, lots of fabulous things to see and do

Tuesday I worked all day editing and doing admin, glamorous life I lead.

yesterday, I worked in the morning and then the Metrocentre beckoned, cue fighting children

and today it was a rainy old day so hubby and I took Abigail and Looby to the Great North Museum, my all time favourite museums which I have been visiting since I was tiny when my granny used to take me, it's also a splendid wedding venue.

and that was my week in Instagrams, back again soon with some photos from my working week.


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