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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Holidays - The Highlights

Finally I'm getting around to blogging my highlights of my week of holidays! I can't tell you how much fun we had, it was quite simply one of our best holidays ever!!

I wanted to share some photos out of the 200 I ended up with and please if you want to see more click on any of the ones I've shared and there are the full 2o0 on Faceboook!!

Here's just a few special moments -

The girls taken using only candle-light in a very dark Mexican restaurant in Derby, we had a fabulous meal on that first night!

Matlock Bath was our destination this time last Sunday, I love this gorgeous village in Derbyshire and we even got Paul to go on the cable cars!!

Abigail also had her facepainted as an island which has got to be the most bizarre face painting ever!!

The very first photograph I took in central London just as we had got off the tube at Picadilly

Trafalgar Square

Admiralty Arch and the infamous black cab! We did get a black cab on the night we had been to the theatre and couldn't beleive how expensive it is!!

We sailed up the Thames on the Thames Clipper and I would reccomend this as a great way to see London from the river, it only cost a tenner for all four of us because we had tube tickets.

Tower bridge!

The girls loved Covent Garden, particularly the street performers, I love Covent Garden, Paul bought me a bracelet which is made from a silver art deco dessert spoon!!

Rather him than me!!

One of the highlights of seeing London with the girls was their awe at going to see where the queen lives, we spent so much money in the Buckingham palace shop though!!

Can you guess what we did next?

Seriously the most fabulous moment, nearly of my entire life!!

taken by me in the theatre!!
Wicked was amazing, at the end I cried my eyes out because I was so happy to be finally sitting there seeing it live on stage, I got the CD in 2004 and it's taken me 4 years to get to see this show, this wonderful story of the girl who refuse to take second best, the musical which changed my life and helped me who I am today. I did buy a T-shirt, a copy of the Grimmerie, a new CD because mine was scratched and some green monkeys and I would go back to see it again tommorrow. We got £60 tickets for £43 each from the Leicester Square half price ticket booth and we had great seats in the stalls, an experience which was worth every single penny!!

The next day we did the obligatory bus tour!

Gotta love Big Ben with some flare!!

Love this one!

and this one!!

Looby being kissed to death by daddy!!

and then she got her revenge

What an amazing holiday, can't wait for the next one!!


Bagpuss said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time! Sorry I was not able to hop up and say HI. Seems you found out the "Wicked" (sorry could not resist!) truth about London too being v expensive!

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